Expert view: what have we learned from ISC 2021?

Dr Houman Khosravani from the University of Toronto, Canada, discusses the practical implications of 10 presentations given at the International Stroke Conference (ISC) 2021, as reported in Neurodiem’s extensive daily coverage.

AHA/ASA President: “Help us build bridges to a better future”

  • Dr Mitchell Elkind’s Presidential address focused on the need to strengthen connections at the research, specialty, and society levels, to improve health and outcomes
  • His address included: “I believe we must work to build more connections to help solve our current crises. Our challenges now are perhaps the greatest in the history of the AHA and ASA.”
  • Ref: Elkind M. AHA/ASA Presidential address. ISC 2021;6179. See Neurodiem summary

Dr Khosravani: “Dr Elkind did a great job unifying the stroke community towards a common goal. COVID-19 has demonstrated that disease states transcend individual disciplines. Similarly, interaction and collaboration between neurologic and cardiac sciences has never been stronger as we tackle common disease physiologic processes and come to a greater understanding. This is not only by building bridges and networks at society levels, but also at the level of fundamental (basic science, education, quality improvement) understanding. Lastly, but most importantly, Dr Elkind set a hopeful course where the broader stroke community engages in recognizing, but also providing, concrete actions forward towards fostering diversity, inclusivity, and equitable access to quality stroke care for all those served by AHA members.”